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See single moms’ tearful reactions to receiving brand new cars for free

Warning: You’ll need at least 2 tissues, possibly more, when you watch this video!

Moms know practically everything. Whether it’s when to pay the household bills, the time all the kids need picked up from after school activities or how to whip up gourmet meal in a matter of minutes.

But for these hardworking single moms, there’s one thing they didn’t know, and the shock on their face and tears that followed will melt your heart.

Mary, Angela and Stacey all attend Faith Family Church in Canton, Ohio. They thought they were being interviewed for a video about life as a single mom. The moms talked about how much they loved their kids and the daily struggles balancing a household with only one parent.

In the middle of the interview, lead pastor Mike Cameneti walked in and delivered them an unbelievable surprise – keys to a brand new 2015 Chevrolet Malibu!

For six weeks leading up to Mother’s Day weekend, the church started a campaign where they collected donations to purchase these cars debt free for the moms.

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Members nominated about 150 single moms deserving of the surprise and from that group they chose three women who attend Faith Family Church, and another mom from the community who doesn’t attend the church.

Not only did these moms receive an all-expenses paid new car, they were given 5 years of maintenance, $1,200 for car insurance, $250 in gas gift cards and $110 in car washes.

Well done, Faith Family Church!

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