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Husband is cancer free after doctors said he only had 9 months to live

If someone would have told Kay and Marty Martinovic the adventurous road they’d be on together, there’s a good chance this loving couple wouldn’t have believed it. 

They met at a club one night in the 1980s, and it was love at first sight.

“I loved him every day more and more and more,” Kay said. “But I didn’t tell him.”

Their romance lasted 9 months until Marty received orders to serve overseas for 15 months.

They broke up and lost touch for 28 years. One day Kay decided to search for Marty on Facebook and found him! They sent messages back and forth and reunited in person. And as with any good love story, they got married too!

Life was good for this Ormond Beach, Florida couple. They were both running Kay’s Designer Consignment Shop, enjoying time on their boat and celebrating all the simple joys in life.

But in April 2014, they received some devastating news.

Marty felt a lump underneath his chin and a few days later his face swelled up. He went to his doctor for a biopsy and the results blindsided him: Stage 4 head and neck cancer.

Because the oncologists couldn’t find the primary source of the cancer, they gave him 9 months to live.

“I woke up the next day [and said] ‘I have a feeling, this is going to get really rough coming up. But it’s going to change. It’s not my time.’”

The next day he went to the hospital for a chemotherapy lesson. That morning at the hospital, there happened to be a board meeting for doctors who treat cancer patients. In that meeting was Dr. Tucker who was visiting from another hospital. He heard about Marty’s case and knew he could help him.

“I know that God put him there,” Kay said.  “I have no doubt.”

Dr. Tucker found the primary source of the cancer, which meant targeted radiation treatments could zero in on the cancer.

Early on in the treatment, Marty suffered many other medical setbacks like kidney failure, double pneumonia and blood clots in both legs.

Kay played the role of caretaker, encourager, wife and best friend. She was strong for Marty and never left his side.

“I know I don’t do it by myself. That strength comes from God directly,” she said.

After a grueling 35 rounds of radiation and high-doses of chemotherapy, Marty was done with treatment. He had to wait 6 weeks to see how his body responded.

In early September 2014, the doctor called with some great news: “We’ve got a grand slam,” he told Marty.

He was cancer free!

While Kay and Marty admit this season of their life was grueling, they never lost hope.

“You can’t lose hope when you know that you’re not the one who’s in control,” Kay remembers.

Marty lost a lot of strength from the treatments and he suffers from many side effects of radiation, such as a loss of taste.

They spend each day celebrating and enjoying all the simple blessings in life and their morning coffee has an extra special meaning now.

“Every night the last words we say to each other are ‘I love you.’ Every morning, the first words we say are ‘I love you.’”

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