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Single mom battling cancer is surprised with beautiful basement renovation

One year ago, Marvianne made an incredibly wise decision. When doctors told her she had stage 3 breast cancer, she responded with a positive attitude and upbeat spirit.

“I honestly didn’t know what was ahead of me,” she said. “I prayed about it and I gave it over to God.”

She found she had cancer on February 12, the same day as her daughter Tyler’s birthday.

The last 12 months have been difficult. Marvianne is a single mom, so along with raising her two daughters and working, she went through 6 rounds of major chemo therapy and 30 radiation treatments.

“I believed with everything in me that God would bring me through it. It’s all where you put your faith,” Marvianne said.

While going through treatments at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, she found out about a program called Healthy Spaces.

Through a partnership between the Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation and the Virginia Marti College of Art and Design, the Healthy Spaces project renovates rooms for cancer patients free of charge.

Marvianne admits she was nervous at first because she has a very particular design taste.

From fresh paint, new flooring and carpet, updated furniture and decorations, a team of volunteers transformed her basement into an inviting space for her family.

Photos by Danielle Andes Photography

“We never went down there before,” she said. “They did a total 360 on the basement!”

It’s now the go-to spot in her home when family and friends come over to visit.

Photos by Danielle Andes Photography

Marvianne is almost done with chemo therapy, and in a few months she’ll have breast reconstructive surgery. She was recently laid off from her job, but her hopeful outlook still prevails.

“No matter the obstacle that lay in front of me, God will get me through everything.  I was prepared for a day such as this.”

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