About - Hope Dealer
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About Me

I am a storyteller. The heartbeat of what I do is uplift people with powerful stories that offer inspiration and hope through all media. My intent is to be the friendly face of hope who tells the kind of stories that give people the courage to victoriously charge through their days.

Unfortunately, my professional shower-singing career hasn’t quite taken off, so for the past 6 years I’ve worked for NBC’s TODAY in New York. During my time at TODAY, I’ve held a variety of positions as a digital and social media producer for Kathie Lee and Hoda along with TODAY’s Take with Al Roker and Tamron Hall.

You may have seen me on the air too where I’ve had the opportunity to tell stories about people overcoming tremendous obstacles.

Hope Dealer is a platform that will provide courage to the discouraged, hope to the hopeless and celebrate God’s faithfulness through every storm and triumph in people’s lives.